So first of all, I like owning media (owning, as in legally purchasing it), specifically tv shows and music videos.  I don't like watching television.  I tried using a tivo, but it just hasn't worked out for me, as I prefer to watch things on my third monitor.

So anyways, I have over a large collection of music videos, but it doesn't make me happy for the most part because its all average to good quality rips from satellite streams or dvd rips without a consistent level of quality.  I don't like buying the dvds of music videos because I want to have them in playlists the way other people have music playlists, and I got sick of the amount of work necessary to rip large amounts of dvds. 

So I finally buckled down and started buying itunes videos a couple months ago, which isn't the best quality, but satisfactory, and for 2 bucks a piece, I thought it was pretty decent.  I slowly began replacing my free downloaded music videos with the more consistent quality itunes videos as I played them a lot.  The itunes music videos were at 320x240 or some such small resolution

So then last Tuesday, they release an upgraded client, and in small text they also mention they doubled the resolution!  Thats right, something they should be screaming from the rooftops for those of us A/V nuts, is that they now have 640x480 or so resolution videos, which is pretty nice!

As soon as I read the press release, I opened itunes and began looking around for how to redownload my purchased videos in the new resolution.

I couldn't find it.

I begin searching the help documentation.  Apparantly you only get 1 download....ever.  So I complain to them that I would like the new resolution.  They tell me to read the ToS, and they're sorry. 

So I e-mail them back, tell them I understand the terms may only give me 1 download, but that I had purchased several music videos on Sunday, and that if they had told me I could wait until Tuesday to get double th resolution for the same price, I would have, and that I want to escalate the issue.  I pointed out to them that most state consumer protection laws provide protection if I were to buy something like this instore, and I also pointed out that if they won't let me escalate the issue, I'll just end up talking to my credit card company.

Well, after the long e-mail, I receive a message back that they gave me back all of September's downloads! 

I thought that was a reasonable compromise, and while it bothers me that I'll have to repurchase the 15-20 tracks before September that I purchased, at least I got the most recent ones back. 

Ultimately I think Apple should have had a better customer policy than that, and I definitely think if you've downloaded anything recently, definitely ask for your higher resolution videos if you didn't already get it!

For an example of a company that is doing things right, get this e-mail I got from Amazon a couple days ago regarding the preorder of Smallville Season 5 I got last wednesday.

Greetings from

We thought you'd like to know that the price of your pre-release title went down between shipment (the time we charged you) and the release date, and that we saved you some money! Since your item was covered under our Pre-order Price Guarantee, you automatically received a refund.


"Smallville - The Complete Fifth Season" DVD

Original Price: $0.00

Price you were charged: $41.80

Lowest price before release date: $37.99

Quantity: 1

Additional savings: $3.81

Tax refunded: $0.00

We have initiated a refund of $3.81. You will receive an additional email when this refund is processed.

Now why can't more companies do things like that?  I didn't request it, I already had smallville season 5 sitting on my desk.  Why did they do that? Because they want to keep their customers.

Which ultimately is more than Itunes can say, because I'm looking forward to Microsoft's Zune product and accompanying media store.  I'm fairly certain Microsoft will look more towards those of us who don't use a portal media device and are dedicated to only using our pc's to watch media, or want to stream it to our xbox 360, or whatever we want to do with it. :)