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couple fixes

Last post 02-16-2006, 8:11 AM by RichardM. 0 replies.
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  •  2/16/2006 8:11:01 AM 767982

    couple fixes

    Gianna (of the noob) pointed out to me that the ranking images were out of sync, thats since been fixed so if you were having oddities with your rank image it should be resolved now...

    Don't like the 5 vote buttons now?  Well from conversation with Mossfoot (of Fuzzy knights) it inspired me to think of an alternative to what I'm doing.  Basically I'm planning on moving the vote buttons back down to 3, then create 3 alternate vote templates which will effectively be transparent to the voter but irritating to any automated voting systems.  

    Hopefully we should see the new vote system go live this weekend and thus the vote page should become a bit easier soon. :)

    [edit]  OH! I forgot to mention, we got 2 more sticks of 1GB ECC Corsair DDR2 RAM for the server today!  So sometime in the next couple days I'm going to drive down to the datacenter and install it.  I'm already beginning to examine the feasibility of building another 1U server to operate soley as a dataserver and offload SQL Server onto the 2nd box.  This would do 2 things.  Obviously it would free up the CPU quite a bit (we have a fast dual-core server and it operates at around 30-40% CPU constantly), the 2nd thing is due to our arrangement with the datacenter instead of a constant 2MB pipe it would move us up to 3MB if we installed a  2nd server there, not that bandwidth is really a problem right now but it wouldn't hurt. ;)   Once I have that cpu free I can create some more dyanmic applications that I've been a bit worried about implimenting because I don't want to slow down the sites unnecessarily. 

    Thanks all for continuing to push and keep us on our toes. :)

    Richard M.
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