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Page 256 Discussion

Last post 08-13-2007, 7:54 PM by Komi Y Tsuku. 2 replies.
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  •  6/30/2007 3:51:02 AM 801143

    Page 256 Discussion

    There was a lot of discussion on these pages while I was on vacation, so I'm going to be putting up pages, the questions asked, and answers here.

    Page 256

    andygoth, 10th Jun 2007
    - You mean, this is your first time playing FF4? Enjoy it. And wow, that's a nice picture. In the game, young Rydia is so lost and angry about the death of her mother and the eradication of her village and tribe; it's nice to see her carefree.

    To avoid spoiling any surprises for you, I was going to hold my incentive request until you said you were done with FF4, but you obviously already know that Rydia grows up over the course of the game. Grown-up Rydia is what I want to see. :^)

    There are two ways to read Nanaki's last statement. Obviously you intend for him to say that Yuffie's ability to handle the tonberry exceeds Vincent's ability to handle the tonberry. But you can also read it that Yuffie's ability to handle the tonberry exceeds Yuffie's ability to handle Vincent. Hehehe! (I'm such a nerd.)

    Vincent must really be having emotional problems. I've never known anyone to be so disappointed that he didn't die.

    Oh, one more thing. This is comic #100, in hexadecimal. :^)

    Thanks for the compliment!  Yes, I did finish FF4, and boy, was it a hard game.  It was nice, though, I enjoyed it.  Grown-up Rydia will be added to the queue, but you can also see a sketch I did of her right here.

    Nanaki's last statement was meant to imply that anyone who fights one of these mutated Tonberrys experiences the compulsion to want to die, due to the memories the Tonberry dregs up during its psychic attack.  Those who aren't expecting it might actually succumb to the attack and actually die - as Vincent did a few pages before.  It isn't, however, a physical attack at all.

    Neph (Guest), 11th Jun 2007
    - All right.... By the quotation marks, I'm assuming that the vacation doesn't involve joy-tripping off to Disneyworld or the Bahamas or Tokyo or whatnot. Shame. Well, whatever you do, have a good one all the same. ;)

    I really like your picture of Rydia. ^___^ Unfortunately, my game's glitchy and doesn't save, so unless I leave my GBA on a charger all the time and play continuously with no breaks, except to defecate and eat, I'll never get to where she grows up. V__V I like Vincent's expressions on this page, too.... He looks totally out of it (as is to be expected from someone who was just resurrected).

    Oddly enough, now that I've seen the bottom of his shoes for the first time.... They're made out of metal, right? Aren't they... slippery? It doesn't seem like they would grip stuff well, or get enough traction. Hmm. I guess I'll just have to chalk it up to the FF world's total disregard of the laws of physics. :P

    No, the vacation was just time off from reading / drawing any and all comics, so I could do other things, like write and more importantly get a lot of home improvement projects done.  I didn't actually travel anywhere significant.  It was a nice one, though, the break from all this drawing was really refreshing.  I only hope I can remember how to draw again by next week.  ;-)  As for Vincent's shoes - I'd assume there's some Shinra technology at work there to make traction possible, heh.  Or maybe it's just brass coloured plastic!  XD
  •  7/1/2007 5:58:13 PM 801170 in reply to 801143

    Re: Page 256 Discussion

    Grown-up Rydia will be added to the queue, but you can also see a sketch I did of her right here.

    To most people "sketch" means a rough draft of some sort, but for you it's a style of art, as worthy of publication as any painting.  In other words, nice job.
  •  8/13/2007 7:54:12 PM 801872 in reply to 801170

    Re: Page 256 Discussion

    No argument there. Heck, if I had a hundredth of your talent, I'd actually have more than...7 pageviews...

    "Thit. It isn't quite this and it isn't quite that and even then, both of them don't make sense in the sentence." T. Herb on editing my latest novel.
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