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  • New webcomic -- Privateer Princess

    Hi all! Announcing our webcomic, Privateer Princess, which has just gone up at  Earth has been conquered by aliens!  Human-alien offspring have super-powers!  Join one teenage girl offspring on her quest of vengeance, aided by a shipwrecked, handsome space pirate!  Privateer Princess is a ...
    Posted to Newbie Zone (Forum) by PPAuthor on October 16, 2007
  • The MacNut says How Ya Doin'?

    My RN is Victor Daniel and among other things I do (like work, raise a family, etc.) I've been producing a superhero sci-fi webcomic called The Vanguard. It's over 80 pages divided into 3 chapters, so there'll be a good amount to read without your having to put aside days of time to take it all in! Check out the comic and let me know what you ...
    Posted to Newbie Zone (Forum) by macnut on September 15, 2007
  • Re: Neighborhood Watch- a neeeeeeeeeeeew superhero webcomic

    Well, it's been several months since I last posted here- but I wanted to announce that Neighborhood Watch issues 6 & 7, and a special edition issue have all been released at the official site:www.theneighborhoodwatch.netNeighborhood Watch is the story of Ray Danner, a superhero in training, and his voyage of discovery as he enters the world of ...
    Posted to Cartoonists Lounge (Forum) by docmidnight on July 21, 2007
  • Top 5 Ways to Promote your Comic Online?

    So aside from all the comic-community tactics (forums posts, befriending folks, rating & reviewing others comics etc...) I'm trying to let folks know about my Contraband comic... before it hits the shelves in Feb '08 (SLG). I'm pretty keen not to spam folks or pay much cash ...
    Posted to Cartoonists Lounge (Forum) by tjbehe on July 13, 2007
  • Ethereal Legacies

    Hi I was hoping to find out how I could get more exposure for my web comic Ethereal Legacies. I have been here for several weeks and have had only three hits from the community here. Is there something I can do to help my exposure? The comic is worth seeing. Its my baby and I would love some feedback. Here's the site if anyone cares to take a ...
    Posted to Newbie Zone (Forum) by kstout on July 9, 2007
  • Hi I am new!

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to say hi and tell everyone that I just finally got up enough courage to post my website here. My story is called Ethereal Legacies. It's a fantasy comic book with a cool story about two elven sisters who are trying to prevent the death of magic. Its got some cool characters and I hope everyone takes a look. I would ...
    Posted to Newbie Zone (Forum) by kstout on June 27, 2007
  • Newbie with Webcomics!

    Hiya There, I am Zenstrive and I have two webcomics to share to you all: 1. Tarung Jakarta, an action adventure comic with a taste of magical beings, sci-fi mechanics ! 2. Courage Chronicles a fantasy manga. I invite you all to join and comments and vote ! The voting booths are here: 1. Courage Chronicles 2. Tarung Jakarta See ...
    Posted to Newbie Zone (Forum) by Zenstrive on April 7, 2007
  • New to the forum and a new webcomic to boot!

    Hi there, In my quest for fame, fortune and shameless self promotion I stumbled onto this forum. Well... greetings! Now that we have to formal introductions out of the way, let's proceed to the comic! This is Liz: And she stars in her own webcomic now! (does contain some nasty language, violence and sex, though nothing too explicit (IE: ...
    Posted to Newbie Zone (Forum) by ChainiaC on April 2, 2007
  • Paradigm Shift: a Chicago detective story with a supernatural twist

    Paradigm Shift Detectives Kate McAllister and Mike Stuart hunt the streets of Chicago for a savage nocturnal killer, but are they searching for man or beast? And does Kate know more about these grisly murders than she realizes? -- Hi. I'm new to the forums, but my comic has been around for awhile. It was orginally on Modern Tales, but ...
    Posted to Newbie Zone (Forum) by dirktiede on January 26, 2007
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